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  • All commands require context.Context as a first argument, e.g. rdb.Ping(ctx). If you are not using context.Context yet, the simplest option is to define global package variable var ctx = context.TODO() and use it when ctx is required.

  • Full support for context.Context canceling.

  • Added redis.NewFailoverClusterClient that supports routing read-only commands to a slave node.

  • Added redisext.OpenTemetryHook that adds Redis OpenTelemetry instrumentation.

  • Redis slow log support.

  • Ring uses Rendezvous Hashing by default which provides better distribution. You need to move existing keys to a new location or keys will be inaccessible / lost. To use old hashing scheme:

import ""

ring := redis.NewRing(&redis.RingOptions{
    NewConsistentHash: func() {
        return consistenthash.New(100, crc32.ChecksumIEEE)
  • ClusterOptions.MaxRedirects default value is changed from 8 to 3.
  • Options.MaxRetries default value is changed from 0 to 3.

  • Cluster.ForEachNode is renamed to ForEachShard for consistency with Ring.


  • New option Options.Username which causes client to use AuthACL. Be aware if your connection URL contains username.


  • Existing HMSet is renamed to HSet and old deprecated HMSet is restored for Redis 3 users.


  • Existing Cmd.String is renamed to Cmd.Text. New Cmd.String implements fmt.Stringer interface.


  • Important. Tx.Pipeline now returns a non-transactional pipeline. Use Tx.TxPipeline for a transactional pipeline.
  • WrapProcess is replaced with more convenient AddHook that has access to context.Context.
  • WithContext now can not be used to create a shallow copy of the client.
  • New methods ProcessContext, DoContext, and ExecContext.
  • Client respects Context.Deadline when setting net.Conn deadline.
  • Client listens on Context.Done while waiting for a connection from the pool and returns an error when context context is cancelled.
  • Add PubSub.ChannelWithSubscriptions that sends *Subscription in addition to *Message to allow detecting reconnections.
  • time.Time is now marshalled in RFC3339 format. rdb.Get("foo").Time() helper is added to parse the time.
  • SetLimiter is removed and added Options.Limiter instead.
  • HMSet is deprecated as of Redis v4.


  • Cluster and Ring pipelines process commands for each node in its own goroutine.


  • Added Options.MinIdleConns.
  • Added Options.MaxConnAge.
  • PoolStats.FreeConns is renamed to PoolStats.IdleConns.
  • Add Client.Do to simplify creating custom commands.
  • Add Cmd.String, Cmd.Int, Cmd.Int64, Cmd.Uint64, Cmd.Float64, and Cmd.Bool helpers.
  • Lower memory usage.


  • Ring got new options called HashReplicas and Hash. It is recommended to set HashReplicas = 1000 for better keys distribution between shards.
  • Cluster client was optimized to use much less memory when reloading cluster state.
  • PubSub.ReceiveMessage is re-worked to not use ReceiveTimeout so it does not lose data when timeout occurres. In most cases it is recommended to use PubSub.Channel instead.
  • Dialer.KeepAlive is set to 5 minutes by default.